Remembering Giuliana Boudouvas
“It has been said….. “time heals all wounds”
I do not agree. The wounds remain.
In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessons.
But , they are never gone.” – Rose Kennedy
It has been 6 years since our Giuliana traded in her cleats for wings, her ponytails for a halo, and her soccer field and backyard for Paradise…. She was taken from us way too early from a sudden brain tumor…. we still and perhaps always will ask… why? There are of course no answers to this question. There are no signs, no “heads up’, no “by the way”…. Nothing. Just one day in a snap…gone… and life as you know it changes forever.
Giuliana’s presence was felt everywhere she would go. She was a little firecracker… always on…. Smart, slick, funny, energetic, …. Happy with everything. She possessed qualities that are not often in a child, Confident, mature, empathetic, compassionate, outgoing, loving… We can go on and on. Tough to believe that we are describing an 8 yr old.
As we are humbled to have the Syosset community and schools honor Giuliana with a beautiful wall mural and amazing garden at Baylis Elementary ….. we continue to see the love and compassion from this amazing community with this spectacular grand garden in her honor at Stillwell….  It truly makes us feel loved and part of a family that only comes from support and loyalty, not blood. This is the kind of support that matters and allows families like ours to continue to fight another day, for our children, for our neighbors and to hope and pray one day…we can end the pain we all feel losing someone from cancer.
One More Day….
One More Time….
One More Sunset, maybe I'd be satisfied…
But then again, I know what it would do….
Leaving me wishing still… for one more day with you…..
Peter, Antonietta, Angelina, Gabriella and Elia Boudouvas